When CERN Laboratories' Large Hadron Collider smashed into the Ethereum Blockchain some really weird stuff happened...and one of them was Ether Creatures.
Ether Creatures are cute, tough, fun-loving characters that are each unique and owned 100% by you. (But try not to smother 'em..they like to run free.)
Ether Creatures is an exhilarating adventure featuring fast video gaming action and blockchain-based asset collecting & trading!

Ether Creatures love and survive on specially powered breakfast burritos as well as chips & salsa, churros and other items that are produced for them in the 'Crypto Sky Mines'.

The Sky Mines are another bizarre result of the Great Ether Collision and they are scattered throughout the world appearing and disappearing apparently at random.

The sky mines produce tons of valuable rewards: breakfast burritos and other power-ups, weapons, multiple cryptocurrencies and MUCH more. Surprises await at every turn.

Only the Ether Creatures can
find the Crypto Sky Mines

But, recently, the Ether Creatures have been followed by powerful A.I. Battle Drones created and sent out by an anonymous evil billionaire, known only as The Mysterious Crypto X.

The Mysterious Crypto X, of course, only wants the Hadroneum and other valuable cryptocurrencies the sky mines produce. And he'll do anything to get it. Our Ether Creatures have to out-smart, out-maneuver and out-gun the battle drones. Not easy, but, YOUR brilliant fighting skills can help them!

(See Ether Creatures Story)

Meet the Ether Creatures,
your new favorite digital friends!

Each Ether Creature you obtain from the underground Ether Creature Market Place is a unique, Ethereum blockchain token, 100% owned by you.

Only your Ether Creatures are capable of finding the Crypto Sky Mines which appear (and just as quickly disappear) throughout the world.

Race your Ether Creatures through the Sky Mines! Fight deadly A.I. Battle Drones! And collect as much Sky Mine Loot as your Ether Creatures can find!

Introducing Hadroneum (HDM)

Another amazing incident that happened when the Large Hadron Collider smashed into the Ethereum Blockchain is a very rare and powerful new crypto token

They call this new, valuable token Hadroneum (Hadron + Ethereum).

Ether Creatures can obtain Hadroneum in the sky mines, but, again it's very rare. Only 3,000,000 (three million) Hadroneum Tokens have been and ever will be created.

Remember..the Crypto Sky Mines don't stay open very long. You and your Ether Creature(s) have to be quick and strategic.