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Here's some info on Ether Creature Types, Abilities & Powers

The Bird-Like Ether Creatures

These beauties are known to always radiate joy even under the most dire circumstances. Or maybe they're like dolphins that look like they're smiling all the time even if they're pissed off. Who knows?

But they can fly and maneuver extremely fast and are very difficult to hit or catch.

In fact, they actually seem to enjoy the challenge of humans and drones trying to get them. Again though, it might just be that ever present smile.

In battle their quick reflexes and movements make them very difficult to hit. But, their offensive power is a bit lacking.

These Ether Creatures' best power-up is the chips & salsa. Although they love breakfast burritos too, they tend to slow them down a bit even while increasing their energy and hitting power.

Should that be a desired strategy by all means it is at your disposal.

If you need to boost the speed to the highest level of either type of Ether Creature a churro is your best bet.

Chips & Salsa make them even faster. Breakfast burritos slow them down a bit but give them more power. Churros give them super-speed (use cautiously!).

The Teddy Bear-Like Ether Creatures

These adorable Ether Creatures, while much slower than the other Ether Creatures, pack a powerful wallup in battle.

While they are capable of flying short distances they are not very fast.

But, give them a breakfast burrito or two and watch them go to work demolishing Battle Drones all day long. (They might just take a little longer joining the fray.)

At the same time, should speed be of the essence chips & salsa come in handy, churros even better. Just be careful on the timing and the amount with the churros and your Ether Creature should be okay.

Breakfast burritos give them ridiculous fighting power but slows them down even more (which makes them easier to hit). Chips & salsa will speed them up, but churros will make them really fast for a short time.

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